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Natural Bodybuilding Definition

What is Natural?

That's a Good Question eh?

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Are things getting crazy or is it me? Mark McGwire is taking androstenedione, ESPN is blowing it out of proportion, doctors who know nothing about it are spouting off in interviews, columnists are wanting to put an asterik by Mark's name if he breaks the HR record........AAARRRRGGGHHH! Let's all just calm down here and come back to reality.

The line between what is natural and not is getting blury. I will admit that. However, that line has always been blury. Is a guy who takes protein powder natural? What about creatine? What about regular old vitamins? Is lifting weights natural? Not really. The term "natural" was a poor one for the drug testing community to choose to represent themselves. If we could only go back in time!

Natural is a term used to describe contests where everyone is on a level playing field and substances which are illegal are not allowed. Are you truly natural? Well, in the purest sense of the word, I guess you aren't if you are taking any supplements at all. Anal people will remind you of this. However, that isn't what the term really means when you think about it. It really means that A) You don't have a competitive advantage over anyone else you will be competing against and B) You haven't broken the law to get to your current shape.

Is taking androstenedione "natural?" It's as natural as taking creatine by my definition. It's not even as effective at building muscle, strength, and helping you gain weight as creatine in my opinion. Drug users will scoff at the naturals who use the hormone precursors, but it's all just to make themselves feel better. "You aren't natural! You're using drugs just like me!" No. If you take legal, over the counter supplements, you aren't a felon. End of story.

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