Cardio Workouts

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Types of Cardio Workouts

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Every year it seems like a new fad in cardio workouts comes out. We can all remember the aerobic classes that dominated the 80's. Then the step aerobics became popular. Then people just decided they would do step aerobic work on a stairmaster or stepmill at their own pace and on their own schedule. This didn't work so well for health clubs and aerobic instructors. You can put 30-40 people in a class with one instructor which is much cheaper than buying 40 stairmasters and maintaining them. Plus people like the camaraderie and social atmosphere generated by a group of people in a class. Therefore, they are more likely to workout, get results, and renew their membership.

We are seeing even more types of cardio classes pop up. The new fad seems to be boxercise or kickboxing classes. Spinning, stationary biking with a group, is also becoming popular. So just which type is the most effective for burning fat?

I'm sure you've been told that one specific program is the best. Every new program that comes out always is - right? The reality is, whatever exercise allows you to get you heart rate into a target zone of 65-85% and maintain it there for 20-30 minutes is the best cardio workout for burning fat. If you're having fun, you will probably do it on a regular basis which is also necessary for long term results. All of the above forms of cardio work will burn fat equally if performed properly and at the same intensity level. Pick whichever one suits your lifestyle the best.

Good luck!

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