Tyler Kroll

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Tyler Kroll Natural Bodybuilding Pro

Photo By Dustin Raymond of D-Ray Fitness Photography

Interview with Tyler Kroll natural bodybuilding pro who won the overall at the 2015 NANBF Northern States Natural Classic.

Q. Tell us about yourself?

A. My name is Tyler Kroll and I am 28 years old. I am a natural IFPA professional bodybuilder. I am also in the process of testing and training for my black belt ranking in Karate. I work in the field of Nuclear Security and am part of the Adversary Team, which is a SWAT-like tactical team that helps test the defensive strategies of our state’s Nuclear Power Plants. I am also an online prep coach and personal trainer, having skills in posing instruction for competitive bodybuilding, athletic, and physique. On stage I adopt an alter-ego known as the TYtanium King, wearing different masks and utilizing various effects. The name is a tribute to my ancestry, as my name came from the surname Krol, which means “King” in polish.

Q. What got you started in bodybuilding?

A. After graduating College with a degree in Law Enforcement, I began bodybuilding in an effort to increase my strength and size for the demands of a possible police job. I also trained to enhance my abilities in martial arts. I desired a muscular, aesthetically pleasing, and functional physique. After some years had passed, a friend a I decided to compete in a bodybuilding competition, in the physique division. 11 competitions and 17 classes have passed in my amateur career, and I am now a natural pro, making that debut in the fall of 2017.

Q. Tell us about the basics of your training?

A. My training varies from instinctive hypertrophy and strength periodization, to tailored protocols administered by my coach Leif Anderson. Leif is a renowned promoter and has a degree in biochemistry. Being a certified personal trainer myself, I take time on my own to build my body without coaching direction in the offseason. But as I approach a competition, I hire my prep coach to help guide me in sculpting, training, and improving any deficiencies. This instruction also helps me get extremely low in body fat while preserving muscle mass to meet the demands of competing against the elite on the stages of natural bodybuilding.

Q. What are your best lifts?

A. I entered the 1,000 Pound Raw Club in early 2014. Since then I have increased that number by over 300 pounds. Being over six feet tall, it can be a challenge to clear weight. My maxes are as follows: Squat: 430, Deadlift: 530, and Bench: 365. My bench press is my biggest challenge. I’ve been stuck at that number for over two years! I look forward to breaking it soon!

Q. Tell us about your approach to competing?

A. As I approach the natural pro stages, starting with the IFPA Minnesota Mayhem, I will begin to really grind and hustle with diet and training. As I said, it truly helps to work with a coach in that it gives you much needed motivation and accountability. You may be a great trainer yourself, but if you need a second opinion and oversight into how your body responds to certain foods or training, then a prep coach may be just what the doctor ordered. I will also begin posing frequently to be fully in tune with my mind and muscle connection. In the words of Vince Lombardi, “Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.”

Q. What has been the best moment so far in your bodybuilding career?

A. There have been many moments thus far in my bodybuilding career that have been very exciting. From winning my first bodybuilding class, becoming sponsored by a major supplement company 5% Nutrition, or placing third in an invite only, world title show. If I was to pick my best moment, it would certainly be when I won the overall and pro card at the 2015 NANBF Northern States Natural Classic in Minnesota. Gaining the Game of Thrones nicknamed title as, “King of the North”. It was a special day and I had close family, my girlfriend, and friends there supporting me.

Q. How do you see the future of bodybuilding and what direction would you like to see it head in?

A. I see it as a growing sport. As we make technological advances in society like social media and smart phones, more and more people are becoming aware of fitness and the healthy lifestyle. People are being inspired by what they see, and we can all learn from each other’s content. Ultimately, we are all in this together. We motivate and feed off of each other’s successes and positive energy. As far as the competitive bodybuilding world is concerned, I want to see it continue to grow in the direction of fairness, integrity, honor, and affordability for all involved. I want to see more promoters embrace in the “passion over profit” mentality.

Q. Anything else you would like to add?

A. You can follow me on Instagram by searching for my handle, @tytanium_king. I also have a website for online coaching or posing services: TeamTYtanium.com, and a YouTube Channel: TYtanium Training. For coaching inquiries, email tytaniumtraining@yahoo.com. Keep an eye on me in the natural pro divisions this year, I will be coming in HOT! (Photography Credit to Dustin Raymond at D-Ray Fitness Photography)

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