Triceps Workout Tips

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Tricep Supersets

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Want something different to blast your triceps next workout? Try this: Start off your tricep workout with a super-set combination of Tricep Press downs and Dips with body weight.

Make sure you go to complete failure on the tricep press downs and then immediately get on the dip bar. You really need to get this done in under 5 seconds or the super-set is basically worthless.

When you start dipping, try to pull your legs forward and knees up keeping your body more errect than a regular dip where you are leaning forward slightly. By keeping your body more errect, it will put more stress on your triceps and less on the pecs.

Do 3-4 sets of these and your triceps should be fried. You can finish off with some other isolation movements if needed. I love this super-set!

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