How to work triceps long head

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triceps long head

Posted by Sting

I would like to enhance the sweep of my triceps. To achieve this, I've read that it is important to focus on heavy tricep extensions for the long head of the triceps. Any thoughts on this?

Re: triceps long head

Posted by Ken

Sting I like to use the following for the various parts of the tricep in my workouts........

the meaty inside head near the armpit

1) - lying tricep extensions with a curl bar - also known by the kids these days as "skull crushers"

2) - normal pushdowns - elbows tight to your sides

for the outer head

1) pushdowns with elbows out cable close to your neck

2) cross bench DB 1 arm extensions. the DB is lowered across your chest to the opposing arms shoulder area

Re: triceps long head

Posted by JP

Handstand pushups I'm doing on push up handles. Let me explain though how I do them. I balance my insteps on an empty barbell placed up on pins in my power rack at height about the top of my head. I kick up and balance my insteps on the empty bar, while also balancing on the pushup handles. I use the push up handles so I get a little more range of motion.

I started doing these because I have a few bad discs in my neck which make standing over head presses and overhead presses in general painful. So I found a method to work my shoulders but also noticed they hit the triceps very hard too. I stuck with them for a long time. At first I could only do a few. Recently I've done 10 sets of 10. Its not as hard as it sounds and is very doable.

I started by doing pushups on the handles with my feet slightly elevated. Each week I raised the pins in my power rack and the bar one hole. Over the course of several months I was able to get to 10x10.

Generally, a workout on these is 6 to 7 sets of 10-15 reps.

Give it a try. The added bonus is bigger traps, lats and shoulders.



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