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Super Slow

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There are many techniques that can be applied from time to time to shock your muscles into new growth. Most of these techniques are not something you want to follow on a regular basis, but rather thrown in on an intermittent schedule for a change of pace. One such technique is "Super Slow."

A typical exercise performance involves lowering the weight (eccentric phase) slightly slower than raising (concentric phase) the weight. When using the super slow technique, you raise and lower the weight at the same pace - SUPER SLOW! I love to employ this technique for my last set of squats to fry my quads before moving onto something else. I take between 6 and 10 seconds to lower the weight from the standing position to slightly below parallel. I then take exactly the same amount of time raising the weight back up to the starting position. I leave a 4 second range there because as the movement gets harder, I have to move a little faster. Once I'm up to having to thrust up from the bottom at full speed just to make it back to the top, I know the set is over. You'll know when the set is over, trust me! You should definately use a spotter or have a safe, controlled environment to try this technique on squats.

Squats are just one exercise where you can use the super slow technique. You can use it on anything. It's a simple premise. However, if used correctly, it will produce huge results. IFBB Pro bodybuilder Eddie Robinson and AAU Mr. America Richie Baretta used the super slow techniques during several of their workouts to produce their mind blowing physiques. Super slow might just be what you're looking for to blast into new muscle growth.

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