How to lose stubborn love handles

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stubborn love handles

Posted by Tanya

My boyfriend weight trains regularly but complains that he is unable to get rid of his love handles. He eats a low carb diet with the proper amount of protein and does cardio 4 times a week but the stubborn inches won't go away.

Can you fellows recommend some exercises he should be doing for this area?


Re: stubborn love handles

Posted by Hulk

Spot reduction can be very difficult as everyone has a place that they loose fat from last of all.

You can try side bends (though don't over do the weight as this may defeat the object) and stick twists and we are talking hundreds here.

Loook at fat intake as part of the diet rather than cutting back on carb cut back on fat as with protein, too much is just as bad as too little.

Re: stubborn love handles

Posted by TJ

Here are some things I recommend: Drink a gallon of water daily,Add more cardio(5-6 days a week at 30-45 minutes),Make sure you are creating a calorie deficit(Burning off more than you`re taking in),Don`t do direct oblique work(Spot reduction does nothing,If you develop the oblique muscles, rather than lose the fat they will simply grow,like any other muscle, and push out the fat further),eat the majority of your carbs early in the day, and post-workout,(Taper off as the day goes on).Cut out bread,butter,sugar,and all junk foods,keep fats to a minimum.Good luck!

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