Should I use straps for deadlifts

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Straps for Deadlifts

Posted by Jason

I've never used weightlifting straps as I have always maintained that I need to work on increasing my grip and building strength in my forearms. If I were to succumb to pressure from my colleagues at the gym and start using straps, will I notice a gradual decline in my grip and forearms over time?

I don't want my grip to end up being too feeble to hold the weight on my own as it has taken me a long time to get this far!



Re: Straps for Deadlifts

Posted by hulk

I would not use straps unless you really need them. By increasing not using them you are increasing your overall forearm strength and it will get stronger as the weight progresses.

Some people do use them (my self included) for exceptionally heavy work out of the racks (as an example) but this is never for a prolonger period.

Stick with the natural grip, it carries over to lots of other exercises and will benefit all your lifting.

Re: Straps for Deadlifts

Posted by Alan

I agree with Hulk. One other thing; Seldom happens but, it has been known to happen. Straps can sometimes prevent the ability to "let go" when a particular lift is being performed and the lifter can't make the lift.

This tends to happen moreso with Olympic lift style training, but it still is somewhat of a concern to keep in the back of your mind.

Keep this in mind when you choose the style of wrap you use. NEVER get "tied" into a strap.

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