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software for bodybuilding
X-Size Software for Bodybuilding

X-Size is a new customised software system with a step-by-step technique which boils down the most successful training strategies into a user friendly system. X-Sizeís creator, Oliver Wolter, explains that this software creates the atmosphere as if all the userís training units are accompanied by personal trainer who designs a customised training plan for the same including advice about diet and similar interests. Although X-Size can be accompanied with additional supplements, the system does not require any.

Frank S. from Germany said ďMy body grows like crazy. I have already won 7kg (15.5lbs) of muscle mass within the first 4 weeks. I have lost some body fat, all my pants fit around the waist again! Friends I didnít see the last time, didnít recognize me at first. I really mutated from a skinny guy to an athlete.Ē Wolter reassures us that itís not only the best athletes who get such results and only 8% of users record a less than average gain.

Wolterís aim when developing X-Size was to help athletes and normal people who would like to attain muscle gain and fat burning rates that they never dreamed of before and are unachievable with the standard training techniques. Wolter lists some of the most important things users will learn from the software, and that is how to:

∑ build up muscles up to 312.5% faster

∑ achieve results in sessions of 20 minutes per week by having 63.8% more fat to burn

∑ rearrange their diet to burn 34.7% more fat

∑ build up 6.5lbs of muscle mass within the first week

∑ reduce their training effort by 72%

Wolter confesses he himself spent a decade trying to build up his body and went through innumerable books, scientific essays, training units and diet plans in order to achieve his goal and spent a lot of money in the process. He insists these strategies are bulletproof and will award its users maximum success. Today, over 41,000 athletes in more than 50 countries already rely on Oliver Wolter to provide them with the latest and the most effective training information.

X-Size promises the achievement of a Ďdream bodyí within a few weeks. X-Size software includes artificial intelligence which creates a personalised training plan and studies the userís feedback, operates intuitively, and defines individual targets and customisation. X-Size comes with an eBook including background knowledge.

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