Smith machine squat

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Benefits of smith machine squats

Posted by WS

I just started doing squats for the first time and was wondering what advantage there was in using the Smith Machine. I find the angle somewhat awkward and the movement does not feel natural. Should I be using a board for my heels?



Re: Benefits of smith machine squats

Posted by Alan

My suggestion would be to do the squats off a power rack (if your gym has one, they are getting harder to find). If the pins are set on the rack properly, you won't even need a spotter. I think you'll find by using the power rack instead of the smith, the body will adapt to the move a little better. If balance is still a problem, then you can add the 2x4 under the heels.


Re: Benefits of smith machine squats

Posted by Hulk

If I could remove one machine from every gym it would have to be the Smith Machine, it is danagerous and responsible for many injuries. Why, because it makes the lifter follow a unnatural line as they squat, when the weight gets heavier they psh more and end up getting injured. We all follow a different line when we squat, with free wights you are allowed to follow the bodies natural line which is far more beneficial to you as a trainer/lifter.

Safety? As Alan said squat in a power rack, with the pins set at a sensible height, any thouble just drop into the deep squat position leving the weight behind.

As for the board under the heels. Most weightlifting shoes have inbuilt wooden heels which give you the slight advantage you may be seeking, training shoes are not the best for lifting weights in as you will tend to sink into the heels as the weight gets heavy making you unstable.

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