Partial bench press power rack

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Partial reps bench press

Posted by cpods

In the past I found that partial reps on the power rack really helped my bench press. I noticed that after a few sessions it was easier to push the weight past my sticking point. I think partials really strengthened my triceps. I was wondering, as a general rule, how long partials could be incorporated into a routine before they contribute to overtraining. For example, maybe use them for 8 weeks to get to new poundage territory, and then stop. Also, are holds (unracking a heavy weight and holding it in the extended postion) an effective training technique?

Re: Partial reps bench press

Posted by Alan

Partials are an excellent way to increase your strength in any Power type lift such as the press, bench press, squat and dead lift. I always highly recommend partials. Powerlifters use partials in their routines (or at least they should be), and have used them for extended periods of time. You'll probably have to decide for yourself how long you wish to incorporate them into your individual routine.

While your thinking of the partials; consider some negatives(lowering of the bar only). I believe these two techniques will help you more than the "holding" technique.


Re: Partial reps bench press

Posted by hulk

I agree with Alan on the length of time it is really up to the individual and their weakness. A guy in the gym does them for overhead work for 8 weeks or so out of competition, other I know do partials in the deadlift once a week. Providing you listen to your body and don't over train then you can continue to work them in once a week or so.

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