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Natural bodybuilding workout for mass

Posted by Ray

I seen an article where the late Dan Duchaine said the best way for a natural bodybuilder to gain size would be to use one set of several movements. If you do 6 sets for biceps you would do 6 movements of one set each instead. He said bodybuilders have to train for size instead of strength. He said since 4 sets of curls on the same plane lets you adapt where doing one set of different movements does not let the muscle adapt. Just wondering what you thought about Dan's ideas on how a natural should train. Instead of doing 4 sets of curls he said it would be better to do 4 different movements for one set. This would go for all bodyparts doing single sets of several movements. He said bodybuilders must learn to train for size and not strength. Just wondering what others think on the idea. Any Thoughts?

Re: Natural bodybuilding workout for mass

Posted by Alan

The method you speak of does have some merit provided a person chooses exercises that will work the muscles from many different angles.

It is like any other method or routine it can have its drawbacks.

Those who are in crowded gyms will not always be able to move from one exercise to another in a paced fashion. Also, those who are home gymmers might not have the equipment available. Add to this the time it takes to add/subtract weights and find "open" equipment; this could lead to more time doing something other than acutally working out. Kinda like driving in traffic ya know; start/ stop...Best to have a routine that will allow for a steady pace.

As far as the method; it does have some merit. I would however consider strength and health before size.


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