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Bodybuilding Pre Contest Diet

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There is a lot of confusion about why to cut out milk based products when you get close to a bodybuilding contest. Is it the fat? If so, then why can't I just drink skim milk? Is it the carbs? If so, I'll just limit my carb intake elsewhere. What is this big mystery behind cutting the milk out? Don't feel bad if you don't know the answer. When I was a teenager and at my first contest where Lance Dreher was the guest poser, he addressed the issue at a seminar. The former Mr. Universe and Mr. America was asked the question as to whey to avoid milk and he replied, "It's the fat!" Then when asked about skim milk he said," Drink skim milk. It's fine!" Even though I was young and inexperienced, something told me there was more to it than old Lance was relaying.

Here it is folks. Milk products contain lactose. Lactose is a substance that a majority of us have some sort of allergy to. It can range from digestive problems to minor things like small skin irritations. It can cause you to look smooth on stage and hold water. How do you know if you are one of the affected people? It would be very difficult to objectively tell unless you are extremely sensitive to lactose, but here is my question. Why risk it?

Just simply avoid all milk based products for the last four weeks leading into a contest. It's that easy. Like Nike says, "Just do it!" I also drink only 100% Egg Protein from Optimum Nutrition once I reach this point, because even though some whey proteins may say, "Lactose Free," I don't trust them. 100% Egg protein is "Lactose Free," for sure. Plus it tastes great and mixes perfect. I would add a calcium supplement if you aren't already taking one when droping the whey and milk from your diet.

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