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Max contraction training system

Posted by David

Has anyone seen John Littles training method Max Contraction System? He is co author of the Power Factor Training with Pete Sisco.

He says this is the best way for a natural to train and says has had clients gain as much as 16 lbs in 5 wks of lean body mass and double their strength.

The theory is one or 2 sets but no reps using isolation movements. The thing is you hold the weight in the contracted position for 45-60 sec. You add weight everytime you can hold for more than 45 sec.

Leg Extensions as example, You hold the weight in the position were your legs are straight out for at least 45 sec but no longer than 60. You do this for 1 or 2 sets and thats it.

You use movements such as cable crossovers,side laterals,kick backs,ect.

You do this 3x a week fullbody and only takes about 11 min.

This seems to good to be true but he swears its the best training method for natural gains.

Any Thoughts?

Re: Max contraction training system

Posted by Hulk

The isometric training system comes and goes. The reason it doesn't stay is it doesn't give you functional strength ( i/e movement) and in some exercises it is difficult to firstly quantify and secondly decide where the best point to hold the weight is.

Having read the routine I would stick with that or variations on it, it is simple and most likely to be effect. It may take you a little time to get the rep range sorted but that is a case of trial and error.

Re: Max contraction training system

Posted by Alan

Well put HULK.

And David, as you stated "to good to be true", should tell all concerned about some "new" technique. By now I think everything "new" as far as training technique has already been discovered.

You have to keep in mind; weight training goes way back. I don't think anyone knows who really was the first person to discover lifting heavy objects made one stronger. Even if you go back just 100 years you will see many of the "new" techniques being used back then.

A friend of mine was showing me a website he had found a year or so ago, and here is what they were featuring that month. "A new way for Law enforcement members to do the bench press"....

My question is: why would a bench press be different for a law enforcement person than it would be for a regular person?


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