Strengthening Lagging Body Parts

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Weak Body Parts

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I was in the gym the other day and approached by what appeared to be the best built guy in the facility. He was so proud of his shapely physique, he was training with his shirt off (note to self: Discuss gym etiquette in a future installment). Anyway, this guy with the huge chest and arms comes up to me and asks, what can I do for theses calves? He then pulls up his drooping shorts which are somewhat covering the chicken legs and reveals the problem.

Wow! He did have a proportion problem going on here. He had the upper body of a local bodybuilding champion and the legs of Marilyn Manson. I asked him what he had been doing for calves and legs in general. His reply was exactly what I figured. He had given up training them after a few months of no response.

This is an all to common self fulfilling prophecy in bodybuilding. Someone has a weak genetic or stubborn body part which doesn't respond as well as other body parts so the become disenchanted with training it and give up altogether. Then they sit around dismayed and feeling sorry for themselves wondering why their calves suck!

Look. It's plain and simple. Almost everyone has a body part or two that don't respond quite as well as others. The key to overcoming them is to keep plugging at them and train them with priority. Attack them twice as hard and with more excitement than any other workouts. Accept the fact that they will probably never be your best body parts, but train them like they are. Over time, you will develop them if you are consistent. It may take several years to gain any marked improvement in a serious case, but patience and persistence will be worth it in the end.

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