Incline bench press shoulder pain

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shoulder pain during incline bench press

Posted by Jay

I'm trying to build up my upper pecs by concentrating on the incline benchpress. I began using the Smith machine as it was convenient and didn't require a spotter. Unfortunately I made only moderate gains so I decided to try doing the incline bench press using the regular bench.

I really enjoy this exercise but for the past month or so my shoulders have begun to really ache during each set. Any advice as to what I might be doing wrong?


Re: shoulder pain during incline bench press

Posted by cpods

It is hard to assess what might be causing your shoulder pain on this board. There are so many factors that may be responsible for the pain. When I was 12 years old, I broke my shoulder. This injury causes me some problems today. On incline presses, sometimes my shoulder 'locks up' or feels like it is going to slip out of joint. In this case I stop doing that movement for the session. If the pain is persistent, I stop doing the movement for awhile. Your best bet may be to see a chiropractor or sports therapist.

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