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High Reps for Fat Loss?

Article care of midwestsupplements.com

I often get asked if doing higher reps will help people get cut up faster. High reps needs to be defined first.

I call high reps anything over 12 reps per exercise. 12-20 reps would be considered high reps. Anything much over 20 reps in one set is getting close to worthless. 7-12 reps is what I consider a moderate rep range. 6 reps and below would be considered low reps.

Workouts comprised of all levels of repetitions will produce the best muscle gains in the long run. However, by concentrating only on higher repetitions while trying to get lean you may set yourself up for some unnecessary muscle loss.

When I am trying to lose body fat I don't change much in my lifting style. I actually fight as hard as possible to keep going as heavy as I can. I want to hold onto as much muscle as I can while losing body fat. The only things I change are my diet and cardio. Don't abandon the program that built your muscle in the first place.

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