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HIT Leg Training

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If you're in a hurry on leg day and you want to blast your quads anyway, give this HIT(High Intensity Training) type routine a try. I use it every once in a while just for a super quad shock and to break up the monotony of doing straight sets all of the time.

Start with Leg Press. Do a set to complete and total failure. Don't stop until your legs simply won't move the weight another inch. Upon finishing that set, immediately move to the leg extension. I mean immediately - like 5 seconds or less. Hammer out a complete failure set on leg extensions. Have your training partner help you to the squat rack as fast as possible and torture yourself through an incredible set of squats. You will think you won't be able to do one rep as you limp/get dragged over there, but you'll find the groove. Trust me. After squats, somehow make it to the Hack Squat machine. Pound out as many as you can there completely rock bottom. Try to pick weights that will allow your rep ranges to stay between 8-20 per exercise. This is difficult to guess at the first time, but the second and third time you try this killer routine, you'll have it pretty much down to a science.

You'll need between 10 and 15 minutes of recurperation after this giant set if it is done right. Don't be embarrassed if you throw up. It is expected the first time or two. Once you have returned to the living, do lying hamstring curls and get the heck outta the gym! :-)

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