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how to stay motivated to work out

Posted by Ripped

Since I lost my workout partner, I have been having trouble getting myself motivated to train hard in the gym. I find that I don't push myself as hard as I used to. As a result, progress has been slow. It's a catch 22 as progress (along with my training partner) is what used to movtivate me.

I am wondering if anyone has any tips to help me overcome this hurdle.

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Re: how to stay motivated to work out

Posted by Sting


You lost your workout partner - well you gotta tell yourself that the griefing period is over. Either find yourself another workout partner or make up your mind that you going to do this on your own.

My theory is that it all comes down to being focused. When you are at the gym concentrate on one exercise at a time and push to get the most out of very set and every rep. Motivation is backed by discipline and discipline takes practice. The reward is that the more disciplined you become, the more progress you will make and the more you will be motivated to train hard. That's the trade off.

Good luck!

Re: how to stay motivated to work out

Posted by TJ

Ripped, Motivation comes from within. You can't depend on anyone other than yourself. Set small acheivable short term goals, with a long term goal also being set for the future. Once you acheive a goal, you will become more enthusiastic, and train regularly if you`re serious. I tell people that I train, to stand naked in front of a full length mirror, and if they like what they see, have a donut. If they don`t like it,this should be motivation enough to get in the gym and push yourself to change things. Good luck!!

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