Glute Exercises

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Hind End Specific

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Women always want to know what exercises or programs are best to firm up, shape, or enhance their buttocks. Bodybuilders looking for the shredded glute look might benefit from this tip also. Call it what you will...glutes, buns, hind end, whatever...we're getting specific for this tip.

What are the best exercises?

Leg Press: Perform these with your feet slightly higher than normal. This will put more stress on your hamstrings and glutes than quads. Do your reps in the high rep range (15-20).

Lunges: I like using a bar, but dumbbells will work also if that is more comfortable for you. If you don't have access to a long area where you can do walking lunges, then don't alternate legs. Do all of your reps for one leg and then switch. You will really fry your glutes and legs this way. Keep your reps higher (10-16).

Stiff-legged Deadlifts: Again, you can use either bar or dumbbells. I prefer dumbbells on this exercise. When doing the movement, concentrate on squeezing the glutes as you contract the muscles. Do this especially at the top of the movement before lowering back down. Reps again should be somewhat high (10-16).

Obviously, you will need to watch your diet to make your butt look the best. Good luck!!

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