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Finishing Exercises

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I was asked the other day, "What's a good finishing exercise for triceps?" When people refer to a finishing exercise, they are referring to an exercise they can perform at the end of their workout to isolate the muscle before ending their training session.

Finishing exercises have the following characteristics. The are typically single joint exercises which provide the highest degree of isolation and they usually require far less weight than other exercises for the same muscle group.

Examples of finishing exercises are:
Quads - Sissy Squats or Leg Extensions
Chest - Dumbbell Flys or Pec Deck
Back - Stiff-Armed Pulldowns
Triceps - Dumbbell Kickbacks
Biceps - Concentration Curls

Every workout doesn't have to contain finishing exercises. Finishing exercises don't even have to be performed at the end of your workouts! Think about pre-exhaustion techniques where these exercises might be performed prior to compound movements like Bench Press.

However, when someone talks about finishing exercises, the exercises and techniques listed above are what they are talking about. A finisher is used to thoroughly burn out the muscle group when the trainer feels like they need just a few more sets before moving on to the next muscle group.

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