Benefits of doing weighted dips

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Dips with Weights

Posted by lift2max

I would like to hear some opinions on the subject of dips. I never gave this exercise the respect it deserves until I started using a weighted belt. It's a slow process to increase the weight and still maintain the technique with a full lockout of the arms.

I train with two partners. Is it safe to assume that the heavier you weigh, the more difficult the dips will be? Does the smaller guy have the advantage?

Re: Dips with Weights

Posted by Jason

From a bodybuilder's perspective, dips have helped me obtain the cut beneath my pecs - a difficult area to chisel out. Having said that I have spent lots of time working on dips without adding any weight.

If you have a weakness in one of your shoulders it may affect your rotar cuff. Take your time with this exercise.

Re: Dips with Weights

Posted by Alan

Used to do dips on the dipping bars. However since I hurt my shoulder some time ago; the only dips that I do now are Bench dips.

I use them as a finishing movement for the triceps.

As far as the lighter man having an edge when performing dips.

It all just depends how much strength the lighter or heavier man has. That's about the bottom line. The heavier man who might have good strength in his arms, wrist, and shoulders will be able to do the dips as well as a lighter man.

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