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Dips for Chest

Article care of midwestsupplements.com

It surprises me when I realize how few people actually have dips in their routine for chest. Everyone and their brother seems to be decline pressing, but dips are like a pariah. In my opinion, decline presses are overrated. The range of movement is so limited, I prefer to do dips for a lower pec specific exercise.

Dips are a multi-joint exercise which are perfect for finishing your pecs at the end of a chest workout. Doing them last will also reduce the need for added weight, which is a real pain using the barbaric belts available for such uses.

A typical chest workout for me will be 4 sets of incline presses, 3-4 sets of flat dumbbell bench presses, and 3 sets of body weight dips. I usually pyramid the incline presses and then pick a weight for dumbbells and just do as many as I can - usually 12-13 first set and then down to 7-8 reps by the last set due to fatigue. When I finish with dips, I'll just take little rest and do as many as I can under a slow controlled rep.

If you haven't done dips ever, or for a while, throw them into your chest routine and give your pecs a new burn before moving onto another body part!

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