How to isolate shoulder muscles

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Isolation of Deltoids

Posted by Tee

Any suggestions on how to isolate the delts and transfer the workload from the traps and tri's. Is the amount of weight that you use the determining factor or is there more involved?


Re: Isolation of Deltoids

Posted by Wes

I would suggest doing lateral raises first in your routine. Use a light, to moderate weight, and "pull" with the shoulder`s, rather than using heavy weight, and swinging the dumbells up. Just go to shoulder height ,and tilt the DB at the top of the movement,as if you were pouring water from a pitcher. This helps to isolate the side delt. Another good one is to Super-Set laterals,with Bradford presses.Do a set of laterals as described above, and with no rest, grab a moderately heavy barbell and press it to the front ,clear the top of your head,bringing the bar behind the neck. Press it back to the front ,just clearing the top of your head.Your elbows should never lock-out.Front to back, just clearing the top of the head. Not locking out on the presses ,keeps constant tension on the delts.Pre-exhausting the shoulder`s with the laterals first, will have you screaming. A lot of people get too hung up on the amount of weight they are using,and end up working their joints and tendons more than the taget muscle.As well as working their egos.Go heavy, but never at the expense of form. Try to get 8-12 reps on this Super-Set. I hope this helps you out.

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