Deadlift competition training

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Deadlift question!

Posted by Gary


I have some questions, so here goes.

I have been deadlifting for six months now. I live in a small beach town in southern Brazil and there isn't a lot of local knowledge in the gyms here.

After six months of conservative lifting, I have reached 2X body weight. (400 lbs at 200 lbs body weight) I feel pretty good and making steady progress, but I just discovered I have been lifting with a 2" deficit all this time! My academia (gym) doesn't use standard weights.

After some research I also discovered I have long arms for my height. I am 5' 8" and have a 5' 11" wingspan. I think this saved my back.

Should I correct this with blocks? (lift with less or a zero deficit?) Or should I continue on lifting with this deficit? I want to compete for the first time next year and I wonder if lifting from the floor, although easier, will be a big change? Will it affect my technique in a bad way?

I guess I could experiment and find out, but I wanted to get some expert feedback before I start changing things.

I bench and squat also, but deadlifts are my passion and I will probably only compete in this one lift.

Thank you for your time!


Re: Deadlift question!

Posted by Oliver

I suggest you do some practice with standard weights (or height) so you can used to correct competition deadlifting.

Also you should be able to lift more that way.

Good luck in the deadlift competition!


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