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Dealing With a Crowded Gym

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Well, it's that time of the year again! All of the people desparate to get in shape once again have entered gyms all over the nation to begin their quest to regain their former slimness. Some are out to get buffed up for Summer, Spring Break, or other vacations, but most just want to loose the extra 20lbs. they've put on in the last several years of no exercise and grossly overeating.

The problem really crowds the gym and makes it difficult to adhere to your current workout scheme. What should you do if your gym suddenly becomes overcrowded for a short period of time?

First off, don't stand around waiting for equipment. You can wait for a minimal amount like maybe 3 minutes between sets or exercises, but anything longer than that and you've screwed your workout up. I see so many people wait 10 to 15 minutes to get to their second exercise in a specific body part workout. It's like starting completely over at that point. Your pump is dissipating and everything is out of synch at that point.

You have to get creative. If the incline bench press is taken, head over to the Smith machine. If that is taken, go for some dips or dumbbell flys. If it's a main exercise that you really can't afford to miss like Bench Press or Squats, then you had better plan on hitting it first in your workout. You may have to wait to get the equipment, but at least you won't have to wait after you've already started your workout.

Be patient, understanding, and considerate of the New Year's newbies. They will disappear soon enough and everything will return to normal. Look at it as an opportunity to change your workouts up. Who knows? You may even get some new gains by being forced to do different workouts.

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