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Will Creatine Smooth Me Out?

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I don't know how many times I've heard this. Creatine makes you hold water, so I'm dropping it out of my supplement program because I'm trying to get ripped. I don't know exactly where this myth started from, but it is crazy.

Yes, creatine will make you hold water. It helps hold water in the muscles. Anabolics help hold water in the muscles people. They don't smooth you out! If anything, you look harder. If you talk to any good drug free bodybuilder, they will be loading extra creatine right before a show to come in as full as possible. When you are trying to get lean, your concern is with water under the skin, not water in the muscle. When you begin to dry out, the trick is to lose the water under the skin and keep as much water in the muscle as possible.

At every national show I've done, all of the drug free bodybuilders have been loading extra creatine the last couple of weeks leading up to the show. They will take amounts equivalent to what most manufacturers call the loading phase. This is usually 20g per day.

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