Chins vs Curls

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Chins before Curls

Article care of Mi40 extreme

When working the biceps, the best protocol for building up this area of the arm is to work the chin ups before the curls.

That applies in a couple of ways. If you cannot chin much, or well, or at all, you should develop your chinning ability before you dive into the curls.

One well-known trainer stated that you shouldn’t even consider doing curls until you have mastered the chin up.

The chin up first protocol applies in a singular workout as well – once you can do chin ups well, start with close grip chin-ups, then move on to curling exercises in the individual workout.

This isn’t set in stone and it is fine to occasionally do your curls first, but in general open with chin-ups and then move to the curl exercises. The chin up, when performed properly, will really tax the biceps in a maximum manner. Then you can further the burn.

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