Bodybuilding Chest Development

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Lagging Chest Development

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Often times I'm approached by people who just can't seem to get their pecs to match up to the rest of their body. Most of the time, they have been bench pressing for several years and still aren't getting anywhere with it.

Chest development is genetic like everything else, but if you've been hammering out bench presses for years and still aren't getting much growth, then its time to try something different.

Try pre-exhausting your pecs by doing an isolation movement first. Start off with dumbbell flys, pec deck, or cable crossovers. Then, proceed to a basic compound movement next, but instead of flat bench press, make it incline presses or dumbbell presses. You can even try this as a superset occasionally to really shock your pecs. An example of a superset would be to do a set of dumbbell flys to failure and then immediately (3-5 seconds) proceed to a set of incline bar bench press to failure.

Never stick with a program that isn't working. You should always be making gains in muscle or something isn't right. If your diet is good, and rest is consistent, then it must be your training. Good luck!

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