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Train Calves First

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Here is another calf tip. If your calves are weak or just average and you're looking to boost their appearance, try training them first in your workout.

All to often if you wait to train your calves at the end of a hard workout session, you will not put maximal effort into them or you may even decide to skip them altogether. I know this used to be a problem of mine. When you're tired, running late, and have just finished a killer back workout, it is very easy to rationalize skipping calves. Don't do it! Your calves are as important as anything else. Actually, they may be more important. They often are the deciding factor in bodybuilding competitions or the body part which is most visible in casual Summer clothes. Train them first in your workout and watch them stretch your socks into new territory.

Of course if you train calves with quads and hamstrings, it would be counterproductive to train them first. However, if you have them grouped with other body parts such as back or chest, then you will notice no performance setback in those exercises by training your calves first in the workout.

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