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Strict Form While Lifting

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A long time friend of mine recently re-energized his bodybuilding spirit and entered a few contests. He decided to catch a few workouts with me to see if he could catch any tips during our training that would make his workouts more productive. I told him that consistency and intensity was my magic. However, he noted one thing which I have come to just overlook. My form while lifting is impeccable.

Over my twenty plus years of bodybuilding training, I've found that maintaining strict form is the best way to work the muscle. I don't go overly slow while lifting, but I do lower and raise the weights very controlled for all exercises. What is strange is that I don't even notice it. It's just what feels right.

My friend tried mimicking my form and the workouts produced for him were fantastic. He was extremely sore the next day after performing fewer sets than normal.

There are times to loosen your form for certain reasons and I will do it consciously from time to time. Training slightly looser can allow you to handle heavier poundages and break through a sticking point. However, for the most part, your workouts should consist of very controlled repitions through the full range of motion for the particular exercise.

If your workouts aren't producing the results you expect, have someone look at your form while lifting. You might be surprised what they tell you.

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