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Neck training

Posted by Mahesh

Hello all

Just wanted to know if anyone here does any direct exercises for the neck ?

I know the neck and trapezius muscles get indirectly worked when performing the shoulder press, shrugs, upright rows, etc.

But I am looking to add an inch to my neck in order to bring it into proportion to the rest of me.

My neck is currently 16.5 inches and I would like to build it upto 17.5 inches. Are there any safe neck exercises which can be performed at home without the need for specialist equipment ?

Also, I have been informed that the neck muscles respond best to high reps and medium poundages, rather than low reps and heavy weights. Can anyone confirm this ?

Thanks in advance,


Re: Neck training

Posted by Leo

Hi Mahesh,

Welcome to the forum. Hope things are going well.

I was happy to see your post about training your neck as most guys neglect this area.

Prior to applying weighted exercises to the neck, I would begin by building up slowly particularly if you have never done exercises that directly target the neck muscles. There are lots of stretching exercises for the neck that you can use that will help to increase your range of motion and will build up resistance to the neck muscles. Eventually when you are ready to add weight, apply slow and controlled repetitions to avoid injury. The cervical area requires respect but with consistent training, you will not only increase the size of your neck but it will become strong and powerful.

Some of the gyms have neck machines that work great. Alternatively I suggest purchasing a neck head strap. Weider used to sell these but you can probably find them in a sports equipment store. You can safely build up the neck muscles from several angles with the head strap. Usually when you purchase the headstrap you will find instructions including diagrams.

When I owned my health clubs back in Montreal, I had a Doberman Pincher. I used to train him with fence jumping and neck exercises that built his upper body. He had a massive upper body and used to sit proudly in the back of my convertible. People used to stop to comment on his muscularity.

Keep Strong!

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