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Don't Believe Everything You Hear or Read

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I am constantly bombarded by people saying, "I just read in (You pick the magazine) that Bodybuilder X (You pick the bodybuilder) do 20 sets for curls! Do you think that is a good program? I'm thinking about trying it. He's got huge arms." Magazines are fun to read and quite entertaining, but don't believe everything you read.

I've been on the inside so you can take this information literally. I don't want to single out any one source of information, but let me tell you that I wouldn't be surprised if each and every bodybuilding publication embellishes from time to time. Most of the articles you see with famous bodybuilder's names attached to them are "ghost written" This means that the bodybuilder did nothing more than allow the magazine to use their name.

I remember while at one major national contest in my youthful years, I was approached to be filmed for an extremely popular video journal. I was really excited and agreed. During the filming they had us perform several exercises, many of which I never did on a regular basis. Then later, I was asked to describe my workouts. When I did, I didn't mention the exercise we performed during the filming. The show host then asked if I ever performed the exercises we did earlier in the gym. I replied, no, not really. He then asked if I could just talk about them. I said, "Sure."

This video journal came out and the exercises were included as "MY WORKOUT PROGRAM!" I couldn't believe it! My friends and I laughed until we cried. "Uh, Steve, I've never seen you do those before." It was a real eye opener to all of us.

Here is the moral to the story. Magazines and different forms of media are here to inform us, but also to entertain. The bottom line to them is selling magazines and products. They won't sell vary many magazines if every month they put the exact same training routine, diet, and supplement program in them. I'm not saying that there isn't great information in certain publications from time to time. There is. What I am saying is don't think that everything you read in print is exactly what "Bodybuilder X" is doing. Use some common sense when formulating your training program.

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