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Hair Removal Methods

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This may sound crazy to those of you who don't have to shave, but for athletes going into sports where shaving is required or helpful (Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, cycling, swimming, etc.) this is going to be a useful tip. I often get asked what methods I use for hair removal.

I have tried several methods. Among them those tried are razor blade, cold wax, cream hair removals, and electric razor. I've had a buddy that tried hot wax. I'll elaborate on the different ways to rid yourself of body hair and explain why I've chosen the one I am currently using.

At first, I used the old stand by - razor blade shaving. It works really well. However, when shaving for the first time, you will go through several blades (they will dull quickly) and you will come away with several scratches. Usually you'll miss some patches of hair too. It can be a pretty long process. You basically have to shaves just a little each day from there on in order to keep everything looking right. This option is a pain and I very rarely use it any more. I will razor blade shave the week of a bodybuilding contest. At that point I want it shaved as close as possible.

I then tried cold wax removal. This method worked fantastic. It pulled the hair out at the roots and nothing grew back for about 2 weeks. It's a great way to start the hair removal process since it misses almost no hair in the targetted area. However, it is a little painful and can get costly. You can find these cold wax kits in the local pharmacy store. Cold waxing on a regular basis is pretty much overkill in my opinion.

I had a friend who tried hot wax at a local parlor. He was an extreme case. His back was entirely covered with thick hair. The hot wax stripped all of it out perfectly. However, he said it was extremely painful and he dreaded going in. I would reserve hot waxing as a last resort. It is also quite expensive.

The cream removals simply did not work for me. They left me with tons of hair and a rash to boot. Don't waste your time with these. They are meant for women only. They might remove fine hair, but thick coarse hair, like on a man's legs are too much for the creams.

By far my favorite way to remove hair is electric razor. I just open the clipper side and then go to work. It removes hair quickly and neatly. It doesn't take long and it's easy to maintain. Sometimes I'll combine electric trimming with razor shaving for maintenance.

These are your basic methods for hair removal. Pick a method that suits you and do what you *have* to. Nobody likes shaving. It's just part of the sport! Good luck!

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