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Bodybuilding Exercises For Surfing

Surfing is one of the most enjoyable sports out there. But there's nothing fun about surfing when you keep missing the waves, if you're skipping on the gym and heading straight to the sea this could be where you're going wrong. You need to be willing to put in the work and training to take your surfing to the next level. Here are some top bodybuilding tips and techniques that you can try out at home or in the gym.

Leg Strength

A good surfer needs the strength to be able to get up and on their board as soon as a wave approaches. This strength needs to be combined with flexibility, in order to react quickly without causing painful muscle strains to your calves or thighs. Surfers need to take inspiration from Olympic weightlifters, who can lift huge weights seemingly effortlessly thanks to their superior strength and flexibility. To achieve this level of strength without the years of training, try working out using kettlebells and doing exercises like swings, cleans, push presses and snatches. This will give you the hip mobility and strength to get up on your board in an instant.

Core Strength

Surfers need a strong mid-section and lower back to help them stay up on their board and in control against even the roughest of waves. To improve your ability to see a wave through, you'll need to build your core strength. There are plenty of bodybuilding techniques which are catered to this. Again, using dumbbells or kettlebells is the ideal way for surfers to build strength and condition their muscles. Core exercises to try include the Turkish Get-Up, which will build core strength and shoulder stability, and squat thrusts to perfect your "pop-up".

Upper Body Strength

You'll probably know by now that surfing involves a lot of paddling. Having excellent upper body strength will help you to be able to avoid paddle fatigue and help you to enjoy surfing for longer. In particular, it is the muscles which hold the scapulae to the rib cage which need strengthening to improve your shoulder stability and prevent strain on your lower back. Surfers should try bench presses, dips and curls to train their upper body strength.

Bodybuilding is great for building the strength you need to catch the wave every time. Those who are new to lifting weights and body building should start with lighter weights to avoid overexerting themselves. For women, a 3 or 5 pound dumbbell will usually be enough to start with. Men can usually begin with 8 to 12 pound dumbbells and work their way up. Some of these exercises will condition your whole body, for example combining squats with lifting weights is an intense strengthening exercise for your core, legs and arms. Remember to keep all of your movements steady and controlled, every time you work out this will prevent you from injuring yourself.

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