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I'm Confused!

Article care of

recently received this email from a Midwest Sports Supplements customer.

I'm looking for advice. I recently ordered & received from you the Twinlab Dualtabs & Liquid Creatine. I mentioned that as a transplanted Hoosier in Atlanta I picked your site just because I was from the midwest & your prices were among the lowest. I also shared your product & price list with a few people at work & they plan to get their products from you in the future. But the more I read & learn the more confused I get. I started out reading Ken Sprague's Gold Gym book on strength training which helped me get started a few months ago. Then I read Bill Phillip's Body for Life & finally Dr. Squat's Sports Nutritiion Almanac. Unfortunately, I'm one of those that tend to read more & act less because I'm overwhelmed with the data. From metabolites & metabolic optimizers to meal replacements, protein powders/whey, HMB, MSM, & Profile Protein Substrate to the Andros....stene, diol, 19, nor, etc. I'm more confused than ever! If I had an open pocketbook and a cast iron stomach I could try them all, but as a 49 (almost 50) year old dad trying to pay the bills & manage a family all I want to do is get a good expert opinion of what I need to take and when. If you can give me that I'll be a customer for life!! I know each person responds differently to different substances and it depends on your workouts & what you want from them. So here goes....I'm almost 50, weigh 155-160 & have been working out for 3-4 months. The routine is basically 1 hr upper body on day 1, 1 hour lower body on day 2 & 30 min aerobics/treadmill on day3. The weights are in the 100-150lb range with 3-5 sets & 5-10 reps & I'm beginning to see some decent changes in my overall look. All I really want to do is get in good shape, look decent & maybe get back into tennis and softball which I gave up at 40 when I slowed down & started coaching little league instead of participating. Ken Sprague's book gives a pretty good workout program for various sports. I just know that when I lack the energy or strength to keep moving up in weight or have a little more soreness or stiffness after increasing the weight, I tend to lose some of my motivation & worry that I'll fall off the wagon. Can you suggest a program of supplements that will give me the most help without wiiping out my checking account? I know it's difficult to say what's best for me, and I sure won't hold you accountable if the results are not what I'd hoped for. But I've spent the last month searching every website & book I could find in hopes of getting someone to tell me what daily supplements they would recommend & when to take them (i.e. before, during or after workouts, sporting events, etc.) Any help you can provide would be GREATLY appreciated!

Here is essentially what I replied: Ah, confusion sets in. The more you read, the more confused you will be. Everyone contradicts each other with scientifically backed information. For example, it's good to eat low carbs to get cut and high fat right? Eating the low carbs keeps your insulin levels low (but isn't insulin anabolic and aren't we trying to build muscle?), which help to lower body fat and eating the fat stimulates your body to burn fat because it's not sensing a low level of fat in the diet therefore there is no reason to hang on to extra body fat. However, fat has 9 calories per gram as opposed to carbohydrates which has 4 and it also is much more easily converted to body fat than carbs. So eating high fat will make you fat! Carbs are also anti-catabolic so won't you lose muscle if you eat lower carbs? The more you read the more you'll be confused. You'll find articles in magazines 10 pages apart that totally contradict each other. Why?

It's simple. There is more than one way to get your desired results. There really is no one best way. It's different for everyone. It depends on what program best fits your lifestyle, needs, and more importantly - "wants." You won't stay on a program for long if you hate it!

Here is what I take: Dual tabs, L-Glutamine Powder (15-20g per day), Effervescent Creatine, Ribose Powder (4-6g per day), Ultramet (or any MRP on my site - I change alot to keep a fresh flavor), and protein powder. I also cycle in a fat burner like Thermocuts, Thermadrene, or Thermostat. Occassionally I'll throw in some proxylon or Acetabolan 2 for a boost. Currently, the WNBF professional bodybuilding organzization which I am qualified for doesn't allow prohormone use. If they did, I would be taking both Cyclo products and 19-Norandrostenedione. I would probably also take androstenedione prior to and just after my workouts for a kick.

I hope this helped!

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