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Shaving Tips for Bodybuilders

If you're a competitive bodybuilder then there's a good chance you are very aware of what shaving method works best for you. This article is written for beginners who have never competed and need a few tips on how to approach the subject of body-hair removal.

For the average novice hair removal is the last thing on their mind when they are pumping iron in the gym. The thought of spending an hour shaving your legs might not be very appealing but it is something that is required if you plan on competing as a bodybuilder.

If you've never thought of shaving your legs and you're a male novice bodybuilder then you need to consider the psychological impact that shaving your legs will have on your leg training routine. Sometimes without the hair hiding the shape and structure of your legs you suddenly get to see how good or bad your legs actually are.

There are countless rumors floating around about shaving. Some include your hair will grow back thicker once you shave because the hair follicle can be split and grow into two hair follicles. This has been studied extensively and has been totally disproved, cutting or shaving your hair will NOT make you grow more hair when it grows back.

Another rumor about shaving is that you'll sweat more when you're shaved. This is not true, in fact you'll sweat less because your skin is more exposed to the outside temperature. That's why most women will feel the cold before a guy does because they have less covering than a man.

It is strongly advised that if you're male that you use a clipper (electric razor) or scissors to get rid of all the long hair in what we're going to call a pre-shave. It is vitally important if you've got a lot of hair on your body. You first need to get your hair follicles to only a couple of millimeters long so that it can be shaved or waxed or removed with a hair cream easily.

Do yourself a big favor and don't start shaving when you're in the bath, you'll just land up with a whole lot of hair floating around and miss important parts when shaving. Shave in the shower and use a recognized shaving foam that will have some oil or butter in it to give you a clean shave that does not break skin.

For any male bodybuilder the legs are going to be the most time consuming to shave and it needs to be done slowly. Shaving quickly before a show is not going to help you win if you're standing onstage with nicks and cuts, or a serious razor burn that you didn't think would happen.

Whether you are a male or female bodybuilder you will need to shave before you compete. If you're looking for shaving kits that have proven themselves to be completely natural and organic offering a healthy smooth shave with very few adverse reactions take a look at the following websites: and .

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