Is working out a muscle once a week enough

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Bodyparts Once a Week

Posted by Jason

I would like to solicit some opinions on training a single bodypart once a week. It has been said that training a bodypart more than once a week is considered overtraining.

To me this sounds like rubbish. Perhaps I am wrong but I wouldn't mind hearing some debate on this subject. I've been struggling with this notion for a while now and it is difficult to gauge what is truth and what is fiction these days.


Re: Bodyparts Once a Week

Posted by Ken

Jason, it does seem to be more popular these days but I tend to think its an over correction to the old 6 days a week training.

I have always made my BEST gains on a 4 day split (each bodypart twice weekly) . I think the ideal routine would be train a day, rest a day but that doesn't fit into my 7 day a week mentality Smile so given that I take an extra rest day when I feel the need.

I would say much of it is individual as well and also what are your goals? different training has differing requirments. also if your diet is poor or your sleep is too little you will require more rest to improve because the body is going to take longer to recover from training. if all things are optimum - diet/sleep then I think it's a matter of your goals and your personal needed recovery time.

Re: Bodyparts Once a Week

Posted by TJ

Good and valid points Ken. I always trained everything twice weekly ,but in more recent years I have switched to training everything once a week.It took me a while to attempt this way of training, because I thought I would lose precious muscle size, which for me is not too easy to come by. Very Happy I was the trype of guy who didn`t like to change things .Several friends of mine finally talked me into it, and I love it!! Some of the benefits I have found are slow and steadier gains, in size and strength,plus I recuperate better,and have more energy .It allows you to trash a bodypart, and actually grow, because you aren`t always breaking down tissue,and living in the gym.Although I still train 5 days a week Very Happy .I think everyone should experiment with different methods, and see what works best for them .You only grow when at rest. Everyone gains differently.

Re: Bodyparts Once a Week

Posted by Spencer

Interesting discussion. I train bodyparts twice a week. I believe that in order to gain size, you need to gain power and strength, both of which requires practice and consistency. By training a bodypart twice a week your muscles become accustomed to handling the heavier weight. Waiting an entire week could cause a loss of strength over time which may be subtle at first but in time could add up.

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