Bill Pearl workout

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Bill Pearl training routine

Posted by Joe

I was wondering what everyone thinks of Bill Pearls Mass training advice? I have read he uses 4 different movements of 5 sets of 6-8 reps for each muscle group. That is about 20 sets for each muscle group.

I see he works out 6x a week 3 fullbody routines using one movement for 6 sets. Then on the 3 other days he splits his body and hits each bodypart for 18-20 sets. 3 Hours a workout sometimes.

I love old time training but is this the best way to train?

Is volume the key that is missing today since the swing seems to have gone to less is better?

Re: Bill Pearl training routine

Posted by Alan

Hi Joe,

Bill Pearl. One of the greatest, if not the greatest of all time. When you consider his longevity and success in the sport. Truly outstanding.

As far as his training; I for one would be very open-minded when he speaks. I'm sure he does what works for him. As to the training nowadays; When you have "trainers" who refuse to teach some of the most basic moves such as the dead lift, the squat, and even overhead pressing, you are not going to see natural phsiques such as you did in days gone bye. I too believe there are not enough free weights used now. It is my belief that the lack of free weights is one reason why most natural bodybuilders do not seem to have the "thickness" from front to back as they used to.

I do believe in volume.


Re: Bill Pearl training routine

Posted by Hulk

I don't think it is just a case of less is better, as Alan rightly points out these is a lack of free weights in gyms, this results in more isolation type exercises and as a result a greater increase in the volume of work. As a bizarre result of this they then try to get you cut down so you don't overtain. The use of free weights can reduce the amount of exercises you have to do and in turn give you a more realistic, functional muscle mass.

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