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The Perfect Tricep Routine

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Your triceps are a pusing muscle group. They can push in basically three types of ways. They can push down, away, and overhead. The perfect tricep routine incorporates all three of these types of movements.

Tricep Pressdowns will hit your triceps from the pushing down angle. I prefer to do them on a lat pulldown machine. I usually do 3 sets of them and keep the rep range between 8-12.

Lying Tricep French Presses, or, "Skull Crushers," will hit the tricep from the pressing away angle. I prefer to do them with the e-z curl bar lying on a flat bench. Again I'll do 3 sets but usually keep my reps a little lower in the 6-10 range.

To hit the tricep from the overhead pressing angle, you have a few options. Sitting Tricep French Presses with the e-z curl bar or a dumbbell are good choices. You can also do rope extensions on a lat pulldown machine where you face away from the machine and push the rope down and outward behind your head. 3 sets of 10-15 reps will finish off your triceps.

This workout will give you an incredible pump and start delivering the results you are looking for in your upper arms. If you are doing fewer sets than nine for your tris, then just modify the number of sets per exercise, but try to keep these three types of movements in the workout for best results. Good luck!

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