What is the best protein powder for building muscle

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Best protein powder

Posted by Jay

I want to get the best protein powder, now I see one's with whey, other with egg, which is the one, there are many other's someone can help out?

Thx again.


Re: Best protein powder

Posted by lifter


Your best bet is Whey protein powder because unlike other powders, it dissolves easily and is readily absorbed into the blood stream. My experience is that you don't need to spend a lot of money on Whey to get the quality. Whey protein is pretty basic stuff although I hate the artificial sweetners and additives. I am still looking for a natural basic brand.

Re: Best protein powder

Posted by hulk

Whey all the way, I've been around since the basic milk and egg days and whey beats them all. Spend a few bob on a semi decent brand that mixes well with low or no sugar and your on your way.

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