Barbell or dumbbells for chest

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Gain Chest Mass

Posted by Michael

I read in an article written by a pro bodybuilder that claims that to gain muscle mass on the chest, it is better to use dumbbells than a barbell. The explanation he gave was that the barbell links both sides of the body together which makes exercising with a barbell more like a machine movement.

I believe there is room for debate on this one.


Re: Gain Chest Mass

Posted by Spencer

A combination of dumbbells and the barbell is more beneficial. Although dumbbells are great for getting a deeper range of motion, there comes a time when it is difficult to manuever them. For example you may be able to do 400 pounds on the benchpress but it is less likely you'll pick up a set of 200 lb dumbells.

I'm not sure how he could compare the barbell presses to a machine. A machine is stationary while barbell presses require balance, strength and control.

Personally I can't imagine not using the barbell. Lifting just wouldn't be the same.

Re: Gain Chest Mass

Posted by hulk

To add to that the simple fact is that big compound exercises build big muscles.

Dumbells are great for hitting odd areas and shaping, the bench itself will add the mass due to the simple fact you can handle alot nore weight in the bench.

Keep a good form (please, I have seem some people who seem to think by bouncing the weight they will somehow gain muscle - all you will get is broken ribs!) and the results will come.

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