20 rep breathing squat routine

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20 rep squats

Posted by cpods

Has anyone had any success using a 20 rep squat routine? I used this type of routine last spring and managed to work up to 315 for 20 reps. I would eventually like to work up to 405 for 20, and I think I can accomplish this in a year if I train properly. I have read about lifters in the past who could use very heavy weights for high reps, and I want to challenge myself to equal their accompishments. I want to get different ideas on the best way to use this routine. My feeling is that one set of 20 (after a brief warm-up) done once a week is sufficient. I try to add a little bit of weight each week. I really enjoy reading the responses from everybody, so if you have any ideas feel free to respond!

Re: 20 rep squats

Posted by Hulk


I don't know anyone who has followed the 20 rep routine for a long period as you are intending to but quite a few of the guys will follow the routine out of season and it does work well.

The down side of following the routine for any length of time is it restrictive and very hard both mentally and physically. I would recommend that you cycle the routine throughout the year that was you can give yourself soem sort of break and allow your body to recoup before you push forwards again.

Also don't forget as you get heavier the warm up to reach your working weight will get longer (you need of course only do a few reps with each weight to warm up)

Good luck! It is great to have a goal though short term (week by week and month by month ) goals are just as important as the long term ones as these are the stepping stones to your ultimate sucess.

Lets us know how you get on.

Re: 20 rep squats

Posted by Alan

I used what was then called "Breathing Squats" back when I was in school in preperation for football season. With breathing squats; you use a lighter weight with higher repetitions. Trick is to take 2 or 3 breaths in-between the repetitions. The breathing squat program is Very good for building endurance as well as leg strength. Also, by performing the breathing squat, some have noticed a gain in muscular weight.

Most who have tried and performed them correctly will tell you that it is really a tough exercise.


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